Triple Incense Match Set

Product image 1Triple Incense Match Set
Product image 2Triple Incense Match Set
Product image 3Triple Incense Match Set
Product image 4Triple Incense Match Set
Product image 5Triple Incense Match Set

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Three beautiful scents in one.

This unique Japanese Triple Incense Match Set includes three aromatic fragrances: Yuzu, Japanese Cypress, and Sandalwood. The Deep Fragrance Collection provides a slightly more pungent perfume as the incense are burning. Each box holds 8 fragrant incense matches, and the set comes with a burning pad. 

One incense match burns approximately 10 minutes, the scent lingers around 30 minutes or more.

Incense matches are a simple and compact way to enjoy scent. Pack them along when traveling and keep handy in any room of the house. The Triple Incense Match Set gift box makes a wonderful gift.

Lighting Instructions: Light delicate incense matches more gently than a standard match. Hold the match close to the tip, carefully strike in a straight line, and wait for the flame to reach the incense stick. A lighter can also be used. Once lit, blow out the flame and place the incense match on the burning pad provided.

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