Summer Garden Watering Tips

Time in the yard and garden is one of our favorite summer pastimes at JP General. Here are three quick watering tips to beat the heat and help your garden grow:

  1. Water early: Watering in the morning allows moisture to soak into soil instead of evaporating in mid-day heat, and gives foliage time to dry before sunset, helping to prevent fungal disease.

  2. Water roots, not leaves: Deep-down watering avoids leaf burn under the sun's hot rays and helps plants to develop healthy roots that will reach for moisture in drought conditions.

  3. Water slowly, less frequently: Waterlogged plants lose their ability to drink up; soil that's moist but not soggy 5-6" below the surface provides proper oxygen.


Bonus Tips: Cover soil with a thin layer of organic mulch to improve your garden's ability to retain moisture. And keep things green with our Classic Watering Can and other quality garden supplies!


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