Black Clay Pottery: Comfort. Food.

Wintertime calls for meals that warm and comfort. We love cooking this time of year at JP General. And our Barro Negro black clay cookware is the perfect kitchen-to-table choice for savory seasonal dishes.

Portuguese Black Pottery

Handcrafted Portuguese black ceramic acquires its characteristic color through a process that uses centuries-old techniques. Artisan potters handshape each clay piece. After drying, the unglazed pottery is smoothly hand-burnished with stones. It's then placed in an open oven in the ground, covered with earth, and baked until “burned,” giving the pottery its distinct blackened finish.

We carry Barro Negro black clay cookware at JP General because of its many special features. The firing process that gives the lead-free clay pottery its blackened hue imbues food with a distinct flavor. Beautiful, durable black pottery heats evenly and can be used on gas, electric, and glass top ranges, in the oven and microwave, on the grill, and on an open fire. No two handmade black pottery pieces are alike, each featuring its own unique shape and markings.

JP General - Barro Negro Cookware

Black Clay Pottery Care

Clay is a porous material. Cure your Barro Negro black clay roaster or baking dish before using it for the first time: Lightly wash and rinse your dish. Then fill it 3/4 full of water and place uncovered in a 400-degree oven for 30 minutes. A complete seal will be achieved with continued use.

Avoid exposing black clay pottery to sudden extremes in temperature. Heat pieces slowly (do not preheat your oven), and do not put hot pottery directly under cold water or in the refrigerator.

Cleaning is simple once your black clay pottery piece is cured. Lightly wash and rinse to loosen residue, then wipe with a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid soaking in water; do not use the dishwasher or abrasive cleaners.

Black Clay Pottery Cooking

Our beautiful JP General black pottery cookware is wonderful for one-pot, direct-to-table recipes. From roasts to stews, prepare dishes that are moist, healthy, and delicious. And because versatile, durable black clay pottery works with stovetops and ovens, microwaves and grills, you can use it year-round.


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