Celebrate Your Graduate

Spring is a season of transition and celebration - and a time to cheer graduates for their achievements.

Congratulate the grads in your life and send them on their journey ahead with something truly unique from JP General. Explore our collection of one-of-a-kind gifts for graduatesfrom meticulously handcrafted accessories to high-quality lifestyle goods. Or consider a JP General Gift Card, allowing them to choose their own special gift! (And remember, we provide FREE SHIPPING on orders $200+.)

Did you know?

5 Fun Facts About Graduation

  1. The traditional cap and gown dates back to the 12th century. Scholars, who were often also clerics or priests, wore long robes to keep warm in the drafty halls of medieval universities. The square academic cap, or mortarboard, symbolizes the board used by masons and indicates that graduates are ready to build their futures.

  2. The iconic "Pomp and Circumstance" wasn't originally written as a graduation piece. It was composed by Sir Edward Elgar in 1901 and played during the commencement ceremony at Yale University in 1905, where Elgar was awarded an honorary doctorate. Since then, it has become a staple at graduations around the world.

  3. Walking across the stage to receive a diploma is a tradition steeped in symbolism tracing back to medieval university ceremonies. It signifies the transition from student to graduate, and the handshake with the dean or president is a moment of acceptance into the alumni community.

  4. The simple act of tassel turning represents the final transition to becoming a graduate. In some schools, high school graduates flip their tassels to the left, while college grads do it the opposite way. It’s a small gesture with a big meaning, marking the official entry into the next chapter of a graduate's life.

  5. The celebratory tradition of the cap toss started at the U.S. Naval Academy in 1912. Graduates received new officer hats upon commissioning and tossed their old midshipmen caps in the air. The event caught on and has become an anticipated symbol of joy and accomplishment for graduates everywhere.


Congratulations from JP General, graduates!
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