Mainichi Byakudan Incense with Holder

Product image 1Mainichi Byakudan Incense with Holder
Product image 2Mainichi Byakudan Incense with Holder
Product image 3Mainichi Byakudan Incense with Holder

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Please all your senses.

Mainichi Byakudan - Everyday Sandalwood - incense sticks come with a compact fabric-covered Paulownia wood box and a ceramic incense stand.

This high-quality incense is based on formulas created by the artisan Koju, a provider of rare and precious aromas to the Emperor of Japan more than 400 years ago, and Yujiro Kito, hailed as the genius of fragrance during the Meiji restoration period in the 19th century.

Burn time: 13 min approximate per stick

Dimensions: 4.25"long x 2.8"wide x .70"high (box)


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