Cast Iron Casserole with Lid

Product image 1Cast Iron Casserole with Lid
Product image 2Cast Iron Casserole with Lid
Product image 3Cast Iron Casserole with Lid

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Cook, stew, roast. Go from stovetop to oven to table.

The dodecagon-shaped Cast Iron Casserole, or cocette, with integrated cast iron handles is a must-have kitchen basic. Made of virgin cast iron with precision milled edges and concave bottom, and seasoned with organic KRAV canola oil.

Sweden's Skeppshult foundry has perfected professional-grade cast iron cookware over its 100 year history. Using high quality iron ore and sand moulds to cast the iron in a sustainable cycle of production, Skeppshult crafts heritage cookware to last a lifetime.

Care Instructions: Wash cast iron Dutch Oven by hand with hot water, without dish soap. Do not use dishwasher. Dry directly after; drying on a hot stove is suggested. For a thorough cleaning pour 1 cup coarse kosher salt into pan. Warm on high for 10-15 minutes. Use a folded kitchen towel to scour. Discard salt and rinse pan with hot water. Dry immediately with a kitchen towel, or heat over medium-low flame to evaporate the moisture. Season pan with a few drops of vegetable oil, place over high heat for 10-15 minutes, let cool and store.

Dimensions: 6.7”diameter x 4.72”high x 8.6”wide (with handles)
Weight: 6.3lbs
Capacity: 1.3 liter, 5.5 cups


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